Migrant Children Chant 'Germany' as Families Stuck at Poland-Belarus Border

Children at the Poland-Belarus border were heard chanting “Germany,” footage published on November 10 showed.

On November 10, both Belarus and Poland claimed mistreatment of migrants gathered at the border by the other’s security forces.

The Polish Ministry of National Defense published footage described as showing “the acts of violence by Belarusians” at the border between the two countries. The State Border Committee of Belarus said they had found four men with various injuries at the border, and released footage they described as showing “Kurdish refugees beaten by Polish security forces.”

On Monday, Polish officials told RFE that between 3,000 and 4,000 migrants were close to the border. On the same day, European Council President Charles Michel said, “I call on the authorities of Belarus to abide by international law. The EU will not accept any attempt to instrumentalise migrants for political purposes.” Credit: Artem Turlai via Storyful

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