Migrants Move Along Poland-Belarus Border Fencing as Crisis Continues

Footage released by the Polish Ministry of National Defense on November 12 was described as showing people moving along fencing at the Poland-Belarus border, with a line of military personnel looking on, amid an ongoing migrant crisis.

Flashlights revealed soldiers on one side of the fence, and people in civilian clothing moving on the other side. Shouts could be heard in the footage.

The ministry said, “Migrants are forced to walk along the fence separating the border.” Soon after this post was published the State Border Committee of Belarus denounced the Polish ministry for publishing a video with “false information.”

The committee said, “a group of refugees from the natural camp … approached the Polish barriers in Polish territory to once again seek protection in Poland.”

The committee added, “the Polish side, instead of providing the assistance that women and children asked for, continued indifferently to … capture what was happening on camera.” Credit: Polish Ministry of National Defense via Storyful

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