Mike Francesa roasts ESPN broadcast that featured Keith Olbermann on play-by-play

ESPN’s decision to allow Keith Olbermann to call Monday’s New York Yankees-New York Mets game was met with mostly negative reactions. Many of those complaints were due to Olbermann’s former role at MSNBC, where he gave political commentary. Given the divisive nature of that subject these days, there were some who were going to hate the move no matter what.

There were, however, some who simply did not enjoy Olbermann on the broadcast because they disliked his performance. You can count legendary radio host Mike Francesa among that group. Francesa fired off a biting tweet directed at ESPN and Olbermann while the game was going on.

What did Mike Francesa say about ESPN and Keith Olbermann?

He said the ESPN broadcast was a gift to local radio in New York.

Ouch. That one hurts. In case you don’t get the joke, Francesa is saying viewers will be so turned off by the ESPN broadcast that they will switch to the radio broadcast of the game. Francesa calls out ESPN, but doesn’t mention Olbermann by name. He does say, “the broadcast team,” which gives you a pretty big hint about who Francesa is criticizing.

Mike Francesa works for the same network that broadcasts Yankees games

While Francesa probably enjoyed taking a swipe at Olbermann, he may have had another reason for sending that tweet. Francesa works for WFAN, which is the same network that has the rights to Yankees radio broadcasts. By tweeting that out, he was also supporting his employer.

Keith Olbermann did get some support from fans watching the game

The nature of Twitter is to be hateful and negative, so the majority of comments about Olbermann were not great — and many were ones we can’t share here. But some people thought he did a good job in the booth.

See, Olbermann did have his supporters.

And yet, Francesa roasting Olbermann is still pretty brutal. There’s a reason he’s considered the king of New York radio.

Mike Francesa criticized Keith Olbermann and ESPN on Monday. (Getty Images)

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