Mike Tyson sparks concern with 'uncomfortable’ Good Morning Britain interview

Ellie Harrison
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Watch: Mike Tyson concerns fans after slurring his words in this uncomfortable GMB interview

Mike Tyson has sparked concern among Good Morning Britain viewers after a bizarre interview on Tuesday morning’s ITV show (13 October).

The heavyweight legend appeared to be slurring his words and breathing heavily in the live TV appearance. He could also be seen repeatedly touching his head, closing his eyes and dropping his head.

Presenters Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid were undeterred, continuing the conversation despite long pauses and short answers.

Tyson, 54, was being interviewed about his decision to come out of retirement to fight Roy Jones Junior.

“How do you feel, are you in the kind of nick you were in 15 years ago?” asked Morgan, to which Tyson replied: “Pretty much, I am just ready to do this, I feel really good, I am ready to do this.”

Mike Tyson on GMB (ITV)
Mike Tyson on GMB (ITV)

Many viewers tweeted their concern for Tyson, for whom it was late in the evening in Los Angeles at the time of the TV appearance.

"That was awkward viewing. Mike Tyson did not sound a well man. #GMB,” tweeted one person.

“Oh dear,” added another, “Mike’s not all there. He must have forgotten he was coming on TV! They need to wrap up this interview ASAP."

“Very uncomfortable viewing,” wrote a third.

Tyson and Jones Jr have been told that their planned return to the boxing ring is “plain dangerous and wrong” due to their ages and health by the brain injury association Headway.

Earlier this year, Tyson said his 2009 cameo in The Hangover came as a surprise to him, as he was “doing drugs” around that time.

He said it was only when he bumped into the film’s stars on a night out that he realised he was due to appear in it the next day.

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