Miley Cyrus reflects on the day she decided to split from Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus has reflected on the day that she decided to split from her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth.

During a new instalment of her Used To Be Young series on TikTok, the hitmaker revealed that she decided to split from The Hunger Games actor on the same day that she headlined at Glastonbury in June 2019.

"I just want to slow down because this is actually serious," the 30-year-old began the video. "The day of the (Glastonbury) show was the day that I had decided that it was no longer going to work in my life to be in that relationship."

The two got married soon after tragedy struck when their Malibu home burned down during the November 2018 California wildfires.

The singer noted that their marriage "came from, of course, a place of love first, because we'd been together for 10 years, but also from a place of trauma and just trying to rebuild as quickly as we could".

Miley and the Australian actor, 33, first met on the set of the 2010 film The Last Song, before dating on and off. They then got engaged in May 2012 before splitting and reportedly getting back together in 2016.

The pair tied the knot in December 2018 but announced that they had decided to go their separate ways in August 2019.

In a previous video as part of the same series, Miley reacted to a photo of herself and Liam early on in their relationship.

"I think one of the elements that made that movie feel so special was it was watching two very young people fall in love with each other, which was happening in real time and real life," she explained, referring to The Last Song. "So, the chemistry was undeniable and that was the beginning of a long, 10-year relationship."