Miley Cyrus says she decided to divorce Liam Hemsworth the same day she performed at Glastonbury

  • Miley Cyrus opened up about her failed marriage to Liam Hemsworth.

  • She said the decision to wed was partially motivated by "trauma" after losing their home in a fire.

  • She also revealed that she decided to get divorced the same day she performed at Glastonbury Festival in 2019.

Miley Cyrus has decided "the human comes first" after years of prioritizing her work and career, including in the midst of her messy divorce.

Cyrus opened up about her failed marriage to Liam Hemsworth in a new interview clip, continuing a series of reflections and revelations about her life in the spotlight.

Cyrus and Hemsworth met in 2009 while filming "The Last Song," in which they starred as teenagers falling in love. After a decade-long on-and-off relationship, they tied the knot in late 2018.

The intimate ceremony took place just one month after the couple lost their Malibu home in the Woolsey Fire. Though they were already engaged, Cyrus said their decision to finally get hitched was partially motivated by shared "trauma."

She also revealed that she performed at Glastonbury Festival the same day that she decided to end their marriage.

The "Wrecking Ball" singer took the stage in Somerset, England on June 30, 2019, about six months after their wedding — and two months before Hemsworth filed for divorce.

"I have to slow down, 'cause this is like, actually serious," Cyrus said in the new video clip. "Glastonbury was in June, which was when the decision had been made that me and Liam's commitment to being married just really came from — of course, a place of love first, 'cause we had been together for 10 years — but also from a place of trauma, and just trying to rebuild as quickly as we could."

"The day of the show was the day that I had decided that it was no longer going to work in my life, to be in that relationship," she continued. "So that was another moment where the work, the performance, the character came first. And I guess that's why it's now so important to me for that to not be the case — that the human comes first."

miley cyrus glastonbury
Miley Cyrus performs at Glastonbury Festival in 2019.Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

In a previous clip, Cyrus revealed she filmed the music video for "On a Roll," which was featured in an episode of "Black Mirror," the day after she found out her house had burned down. She was on location in South Africa at the time, while Hemsworth was home in Malibu.

"The show must go on," she said.

Cyrus has also said that getting married was "one last attempt to save myself" and compared her relationship with Hemsworth to an "addiction."

Shortly after their split made the news, Cyrus strenuously denied cheating on Hemsworth and said there were "no secrets to uncover" about the dissolution of her marriage.

"I had to make a healthy decision for myself to leave a previous life behind," she wrote on Twitter. "I am the healthiest and happiest I have been in a long time. You can say I am a twerking, pot smoking , foul mouthed hillbilly but I am not a liar."

"I am proud to say, I am simply in a different place from where i was when I was a younger," Cyrus added.

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