Miley Cyrus: Why I’m no longer taking things for granted

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Pop star Miley Cyrus said the last year has seen her find pleasure in the “smaller things” that she would have previously taken for granted.

The US singer, 28, said she relishes the chance to sit with her family and do things she missed during the coronavirus pandemic.

She said: “The past year has introduced me to some new pleasures because I’ve really started to take pleasure in the smaller things, the little things that I would have taken for granted before a year that none of us could have expected, having lockdowns, having social distancing or isolation.

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“I forgot what an honour it is to sit with my family and have dinner with them. And when my dad wants to say grace for us, all holding hands and not thinking twice about it. That’s something that before I would have rolled my eyes and been, do we have to do this? Can’t we just sit down and eat?

“I didn’t get to have this for a year and I missed it so much. Or going to dinner with friends and being able to ‘cheers’ one another without fear. All these little things.”

The former Disney Channel star, who released her album Plastic Hearts last year, was speaking at the launch of Magnum’s new campaign which she fronts called Miley In Layers.

The campaign, which sees her joined by British singer-songwriter Raye, will see Cyrus perform a virtual concert mastered in 8D sound.

Reflecting on what advice she would give to those who are reluctant to try new things, the Wrecking Ball singer said people should be willing to have new experiences and do things that “scare” them.

She explained: “Usually I always kind of say to myself the worst that could happen is just the worst that could happen and there’s really nothing that’s going to be that detrimental by trying something new, by experimenting, by trying a new look. A lot of the time I express myself through my hair, so if that’s like cutting your hair and trying a new look, you can always grow it back, you can always return the shoes, but try them.

“I think a lot of the time, my internal individuality, I like to showcase externally and a lot of the time that’s kind of drastic. I think it’s important to do things that you have never done before, things that scare you, also going into situations that you don’t know much about, so you can actually learn.”

Cyrus said she has tried to be experimental in her music career, adding: “So whether that’s honouring country music, which is obviously a big part of my childhood and growing up, but then doing pop music that I also adore, and to celebrate rock and roll.”

She added that “no one really ever knows what feels right except for you”.

Miley Cyrus in the new campaign (Magnum)
Miley Cyrus in the new campaign (Magnum)

“Success is measured in so many different ways,” she said.

“I think fulfilment and dignity and respect and honour for what you’re doing, to me that equates success.”

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