Miley Gave Younger Sister Noah Cyrus the Best Advice Ever

Miley and Noah Cyrus (Photo: Getty Images)

Miley Cyrus is her sister Noah’s biggest fan.

In March, the superstar introduced her 17-year-old sister at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, telling the crowd of screaming fans that Noah is “who I want to be when I grow up.” To have that support as she launches her music career means the world to the Noah, who is the latest Cyrus to break out into the spotlight — she’s performing Stay Together at Sunday’s 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards.

Miley has armed Noah with all sorts of priceless advice when it comes to navigating the churning and murky waters of fame.

“She tells me just to ignore the hate and not let it get to me,” Noah, who has already experienced a dose of the dark side of social media, tells Yahoo Style. “I think everybody has to deal with that a little bit. You just don’t read it. I have never really wanted to read that. I turn my comments off on Instagram and stuff. And I don’t Google myself. You can’t do that!”

Being in the limelight means opening yourself up to scrutiny. But Noah does her best to wear a thick skin and love herself.

“I definitely have normal-person insecurities. I don’t think I’ve ever been 100% confident about it,” she says about her body image. “That’s just something that you’re like, ‘This is my body, and this is what I have.’ And you gotta learn to love it.”

And, just like her super famous sister, the Make Me singer just wants to stay true to herself. “Miley inspires me to be myself because that’s always been who she is. Growing up around that, obviously, I look up to that,” she explains.

Miley supports Noah Cyrus. (Photo: Getty Images)

One way that Noah is not afraid to express herself is through fashion. “I want to be myself throughout this whole thing. And I never want to wear something that’s not me,” she reveals. The bubbly teen describes her style as “streetwear with a little bit of hip-hop Goth vibe,” and says Lady Gaga is her fashion idol. “Even though we have different styles, she has inspired me to be myself and dress the way I want to dress,” she says.

Noah says the same thing about Miley. “She has her style, and that’s who she is. She loves being herself,” she said. “That’s where we are really similar. We’re both like, ‘This is who we are and this is our style.’ It’s kind of different from everybody else.”

Noah finds some of her ensembles at thrift shops and boutiques and she hits the farmers’ market, but admits she’s an online shopping junkie.

“I hate shopping in stores,” she says, explaining that it makes her anxious.

The teen is addicted to Dolls Kill and frequently shops on on UNIF – “I love their clothes,” she squeals. “And then there are different random sites that I will get on and be like, ‘Ooh order that!’ I always get oversized stuff, so it doesn’t freak me out if I can’t return it,’” says the singer, who loves Nike tennis shoes and oversized sweatshirts.

Noah Cyrus (Photo: Getty Images)

After she performs, Cyrus calms herself down, and then goes to chow down on sushi or Chinese food. She may have to work on her occasional bouts of stage fright, but dressing the part comes easy to this Cyrus. “I’m pretty quick. I’ll try one thing on and then I’ll be like, ‘This is what I want to wear. I don’t need to try anything else!’ Like I said, I hate shopping, so I try to make fittings as fast as possible,” she divulges. The emerging artist says she has her own style mastered, and often selects her own looks from the “messy racks” in her room.

With hair and makeup, Cyrus sticks to the tried and true — sometimes. Her makeup artist tries to push her outside her comfort zone. “So today I let her do the smoky eye on me, which I’ve never done before. So we’re trying new things right now,” she explains.

When she’s not working on music, the teenager occupies her time by hanging out with family, friends, and the current male in her life — her pup, Sammy. “I got him a year ago. He’s the cutest little ball of joy. I’m obsessed with him. I adopted him. And he’s like my best friend. I love him,” she says. Noah may have blocked comments on her own Instagram, but she welcomes compliments of all kinds on her dog’s personal page.

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