Millennial railcards go on sale today – but there’s a catch

Laura Hampson

The ‘Millennial’ Railcard goes on sale today, entitling travellers between the ages of 26 to 30, 33 per cent off rail tickets.

But there’s a catch. Of the five million Brits that are eligible for the card, only 10,000 cards will be available to the public, meaning there’s just one card for every 500 people in that age bracket.

The railcard was announced last year during the budget when Chancellor Phillip Hammond confirmed that price-saving train fares will be available to anyone under 30 years old come 2018.

The new card will operate on a similar basis to the Young Persons Railcard (for 16-25 year olds) which offers one third off full-price fares and has been available since 1974.

It costs £30 for a year and will only be available digitally, intended to be used on smartphones.

The railcard has been tested in the Greater Anglia area since December 2017, also with 10,000 cards available which have all sold out.

This test run will be evaluated before the railcard becomes available to everyone in that age bracket – and isn’t limited to just 10,000.

You are able to apply for this card up until your 31st birthday, so if you are turning 31 this Wednesday, you can still apply for the railcard tomorrow.

Cheaper travel? Yes please.