Millie Court reveals she is in therapy

Millie Court reveals she is in therapy credit:Bang Showbiz
Millie Court reveals she is in therapy credit:Bang Showbiz

Millie Court has revealed she is in therapy.

The 'Love Island' winner - who split from co-star Liam Reardon last year - revealed that she has previously bottled up her feelings but she has learned to be more open since starting counselling sessions.

She said on Instagram: "I had my first session before Christmas and just that one hour opened up so much to me.

"Cliche as it might sounds but I'm solely focusing on my career as we've entered a new year and I can't wait to treat my body and mind the way it deserves.

"Loving myself comes first."

She later added details of how she found her therapist via the Counselling Directory website.

She wrote: "A lot of you asking in my dms about therapy... not knowing where to start or how to look etc.

"I used the website below, you put in your postcode and whether you want it in person or over the phone.

"It then shows you a list of counsellors in your area and a little bit about them/what they charge/what they specialise in.

"Don't be afraid to take that step in speaking to someone, whether it's big or small.

"You can then arrange a quick 15 minute phone call with your favourites on the list and see who you get the best vibe with/feel the most comfortable (or as comfortable as you possibly can).

"I'm not the type to open up and speak about how I'm feeling and I don't like to burden people with my problems either (friends or family) so of course I didn't feel that comfortable talking to her at first but just after one session I honestly felt so much better so I'm really looking forward to the next."