The million-dollar sneaker collection

This sneakerhead buys 20 to 30 shoes a month


"It's Mohamed al-Safar and welcome to my collection, I hope you guys enjoy this video right here."

Location: Dubai, UAE

Mohamed al-Safar says his collection is worth over $1 million


"I started collecting since I was a very young kid and my collection just started growing in the past 10 to 12 years. What made me really collect sneakers is the fact that during high school, we weren't able to wear what we want but we could wear any sneaker we want. So I used to be creative with sneakers that I wore, and I used to collect a lot of designer sneakers just because we didn't have a lot of Nike, Jordans, and all, like streetwear and sports sneakers here in the region.”

Al-Safar only wears about 10% of the shoes he owns

and says he collects them for pleasure, not profit

(SOUNDBITE) (English) SNEAKER COLLECTOR, MOHAMED AL-SAFAR, SAYING: "Here is the Jordan for undefeated. This is the first ever collaboration that Jordan had with any other brand. They never did anything before this and this (was) released in 2005. They only made 75 pairs of them. Actually, I had to fly the person from the U.S. to deliver the shoe personally.