Milton Keynes SEO Agency pledges charity donations to Willen Hospice

Milton Keynes SEO Agency pledges donations to Willen Hospice (Photo: Submitted)
Milton Keynes SEO Agency pledges donations to Willen Hospice (Photo: Submitted)

For every new business that signs up in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas a donation of £100 will be made each time. We are hoping to raise £1,000s for Willen Hospice

Milton Keynes based Ad Partnership Ltd, the leading SEO consultants in Milton Keynes, are delighted to pledge charitable donations to Willen Hospice, their favourite local charity. They are pledging to donate £100 whenever a new business in Milton Keynes signs up to use their SEO service via their website at Milton Keynes SEO Agency. Any business with an MK postcode qualifies, and furthermore any other businesses based locally will qualify. The donations will be made the very same day that payments are received from new local businesses.

Christian Strutt the Managing Director of Ad Partnership comments:

"We are really looking forward to making regular donations to our favourite local charity, whilst at the same time lending our expertise and skills to help local businesses get more new business from search engines in our home town. For the last 20 years we have been working on our own websites, where we built up a reputation globally for being one of the best in the business. Just recently we began offering our services locally, as we really want to help local companies in our home town more so than others. The last time I did charity work for Willen Hospice was many years ago when I ran a tombola stall for them, when my mother was The Mayor's Consort for Milton Keynes - so it’s arguably well overdue for me to make more donations and support! Everyone in our team is really looking forwards to helping out Willen Hospice as well as driving more new business online to our fellow businesses in our new city"