Milwaukee Rescuers Save Woman Trapped in Car in Icy Pond

Newly released bodycam footage shows emergency responders working in frigid temperatures to rescue a woman from a car partially submerged in a frozen pond in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Thursday, December 22.

Body camera footage from the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office timestamped as being taken on December 22 – when the low temperature was -3 degrees Fahrenheit – shows rescuers working to free the woman.

Local news outlets reported that the woman was fine after being transported to the hospital. Credit: Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

Video transcript

- It does--

- It doesn't go down?

- I think it's at the bottom. This is not a very--

- At the bottom?

- This is not a very deep pond.

- Hey, can-- hey, can you open that door at all?

- Here--

- No.

- --if you can get on top, here can you get the baton and smash that front window out? Here.

- I don't want to-- I don't know if that'll let more water in.

- With her sitting in that--

- Yeah.

- It does--

- Give me that plate there.

- I thought you only take it from here.

- Take it from there.

- See if you can bust that front window.

- Close your eyes, ma'am. Look away from the glass.

- Here, I'll hold the back. Ready?

- I'm more nervous about--

- Wait.

- Here, give me it.

- 4-32--


- Here, use my window puncher.

- I have a window punch-- You have a window punch?

- Yeah.



- Ma'am, how you doing?

- Kimmy, can you hear us?


- Kimmy!

- She's talking. She's talking.

- She's talking? OK.

- Hey, do you know if the wheel's free?


- Hey, right here.

- Hey, will--

- Right here.

- Just knock this out and--

- You want this?


- You got the punch?

- Yeah.

- Yeah, I got one too.

- Coming at you. I'm throwing it. It's just on that flip.

- Here. I'm--

- You got one?


- It's fine if that doesn't--


- Oh, there we go.

- Ma'am, push back.


- Those are expensive.

- Turn away.

- Look away. Look to the passenger side, ma'am.


- All right, we got a lot of weight on this side now.

- Watch out.

- Dispatch--

- All right.


- Oh! Oh! It's too much! It's too much water here.

- I know, just breathe, Kimmy, OK? Just breathe.

- Breathe.

- We're coming. We're coming.

- Oh!

- Are you sure--

- Oh!


- Oh, oh yes. OK.


- Hey guys, it's hard to pack more--

- Back up, back up, back up.

- Austin.

- Get back.

- No one else was in the car, right?

- No one else in the car?


- I can't get it open.

- Is her seatbelt on?


- Mitch, you got her--

- Where's the ice thing?

- They're breaking the ice right here.

- Oh, you got a rope, hey?

- Gotta go around and go around the door.


- All right, wrap that around her.

- You got that big hook side or is it on--

- Need an extra hand on the rope?


- 10-4.

- Extra hands on the rope, yeah.


- All right, let's go!