Mina Starsiak Hawk Says Filming Final ‘Good Bones’ Episodes Felt Like a ‘Slow Breakup’ (Exclusive)

The HGTV star opened up about wrapping up the long-running series in an interview with PEOPLE

<p>Rob Latour/Variety/Penske Media via Getty </p>

Rob Latour/Variety/Penske Media via Getty

When Mina Starsiak Hawk announced the current season of Good Bones would be its last, she called it “the end of an era.” In fact, the HGTV star had to say goodbye to some people she’d worked with on the long-running show for nearly a decade.

But rather than one big emotional farewell, Starsiak tells PEOPLE that filming the final episodes of Good Bones felt like a “slow breakup."

“When you're done and you think it's the last day, it's still not, because once everything goes into editing, there's some pickups, you have to re-say lines,” she explains. “So you're back together again, and then you break up again."

In retrospect, the HGTV star says, "I think it was kind of good because processing all of it at once was super overwhelming.”

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Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty

Starsiak Hawk has renovated Indianapolis homes for eight seasons of the show, which premiered in 2016.

“So much has changed since we started, in the world, in buying materials, in real estate,” she adds. “So the fact that the show hadn't changed in eight years and so many other things in life had . . . It's a miracle that we got as far as we did.”

Starsiak Hawk started her home renovation business, Two Chicks and a Hammer, with her mom, Karen E Laine, in 2007. While Laine retired from the company in 2019, she still appears on the show alongside Starsiak Hawk and their team.

While the duo — and their extended team of friends and family members — appear to get along on the series, Starsiak Hawk has recently gotten candid on her podcast Mina AF about their struggles off-screen.

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After revealing that she and and her mom were “not in a great place” on a recent episode of her podcast, she told PEOPLE that taking this journey together throughout the show has been “really hard.”

When filming the series’ final season, Starsiak Hawk says, “There were definitely some challenging [moments] because my mom and I were in some of the most challenging places I felt we've been.”

In the season premiere, which aired Aug. 15, for example, she says she and Laine had just had “a knockdown drag-out [fight] during demo.”

<p>Mina Starsiak Hawk/ Instagram</p>

Mina Starsiak Hawk/ Instagram

“I think family business is hard enough on its own,” she previously shared. “And from what people know from the show, my mom and I are thick as thieves, best friends, and because they just don't know anything else, they assume that's how it's always been. And I think a lot of people really aspire to that, so they don't want to know other stuff, which is fine. But my mom and I have had a very rocky relationship since I have memories.”

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In the Aug. 7 episode of Mina AF, Starsiak Hawk — who married husband Steve Hawk and welcomed two children (son Jack, 5, and daughter Charlie, 2) during her time on Good Bones — reflected on what the show has meant to her.

“We’ve all seen each other grow up for the last decade,” she said of the show's production team, noting that she’s witnessed its members get married, have kids, cope with illnesses and make big moves.

“They’ve seen me get engaged, get married, be a foster parent to my niece, have Jack, go through IVF, have Charlie, and then all just the regular daily struggles,” she added. "We’ve kind of become family for each other.”

Mina AF is available to stream now. The final season of Good Bones airs Tuesdays at 8PM on HGTV.

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