Mini turns Vision Urbanaut concept into reality

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Mini has created a real-life version of its Urbanaut concept.

First released in November last year, the Mini Vision Urbanaut showcased a futuristic van-style vehicle but as a concept, sketched vehicle. Now, it has been created as a fully-fledged physical model which will ‘allow audiences to engage more extensively with the spatial concept and sustainable materials at work’, according to Mini.

Mini Urbanaut Concept
The cabin uses a range of eco-friendly materials

It’s been designed around three distinct ‘moments’; Chill, Wanderlust and Vibe. The exterior and interior of the van then change to reflect these moments, with fragrances, lighting and sounds used to change the mood of the vehicle.

The Chill moment turns the van into a retreat, with a rear bench seat providing an area to relax while the backlit ‘loop’ above it takes on an appearance inspired by a forest canopy. The circular instrument in the central area folds down to become a table lamp, too.

Mini Urbanaut Concept
The interior changes depending on which ‘moment’ in selected

Wanderlust, meanwhile, is designed for when the van is being driven. As such, a tap of a finger on the Mini logo brings out the steering wheel and pedals, while the central instrument shows an animation of the planned route and additional journey information.

Finally, Vibe sees the side door opened and windscreen folded up to create a ‘welcoming scene’ while the central circular instrument becomes a media control centre. A graphic equalizer animation is projected onto surfaces of the front and rear of the van, as well as the wheels and the ‘loop’ above the rear bench.

Mini Urbanaut Concept
The windscreen can be folded up to create an airy feeling to the cabin

Drives can also specify the ‘My Moment’ mode which allows them to pick and choose between all the various settings.

The interior has also been created without the use of chrome or leather, instead focusing on textiles created from recycled materials including wool, polyester and Tencel. Recyclable cork is used on the steering wheel and sections of the floor, too.

There are no plans as yet to put the Urbanaut into full production.

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