Minister Humiliated As Sky News Unveils 'Visible Evidence Government Has Failed' On Small Boats

Minister Mark Spencer was questioned about the record net migration in the UK
Minister Mark Spencer was questioned about the record net migration in the UK Sky News

Minister Mark Spencer was forced to share his screen with live footage of a migrant boat speeding towards the British shore on Sky News today.

The Sky News host Wilfred Frost then laid into the minister for food, farming and fisheries over the Conservativesfailed pledges to “stop the boats” bringing asylum seekers across the Channel.

During an interview with Spencer, Frost began: “We do actually have some live evidence coming in at the point of the border force rescuing migrants who have attempted to make a crossing, and they’re just coming ashore now.”

He added: “At this point, again, [this is] visible evidence that the government has failed in its pledge to stop the boats.”

The Conservatives have failed repeatedly to cut down on illegal migration, despite promising to do so.

Spencer told Sky that the government has made “huge progress” and noted the Rwanda flights are scheduled to start at the end of July.

The Tories unveiled their plan to deport asylum seekers to Africa in April 2022.

More than two years later, the government is yet to get a single plane off the ground.

Only one migrant has been sent to Rwanda so far, and that was under a voluntary programme where he was paid to relocate to the country.

Back on Sky News, Spencer continued: “We need to use every tool in the toolbox that is available to us.”

He said the UK was working with France to prevent people-smugglers and the government is working to deter asylum seekers.

He claimed: “The only party with a plan to deliver that is the Conservative Party.

“If you end up electing a Labour government it’s going to get even worse, because there is no plan from the Labour party to solve this challenge.”

Frost replied: “As of June 10, 10,800 crossings higher than this time last year.

“I’m sure 2023 was lower than 2022, but the statistics thus far this year, this image that we’re looking at right now, you’re happy to frame that, in the Conservatives’ eyes as we saw earlier, ‘huge progress’?”

The minister replied: “Well there is a plan to deliver on this and solve this problem, and I don’t mitigate on the size of that challenge, it is huge.”

He said it is an issue shared around the world, and the Tories have a plan, concluding: “If you want to stop the boats, you need to vote for Rishi Sunak.”

The Tories have said planes to Rwanda will take off after the election, if they get into office.

Labour leader Keir Starmer has pledged to scrap the Rwanda scheme “straight away” if his party wins.