Minnesota Photographer Captures Fisherman in Frozen Bubble 'Snow Globe'

A Minnesota photographer was filming frozen bubbles at sunrise near a lake in Big Stone County on December 19 when a ice fisherman walked into frame, creating a mesmerizing sunrise "snow globe”.

Carol Bauer told Storyful she had recorded multiple videos in the frigid air that morning when the the fisherman came along.

“This was not a planned shot,” she said.

The video has additional meaning to Bauer, who unexpectedly lost her father in November.

“He had a cabin on this lake for 25 years and fished it many, many times,” she said.

She told Storyful the fisherman happened to be a friend of her father, who she had not met before.

“My mind was on him this morning, and then this fisherman comes along and it happens to be a fishing friend of my dad…it kind of made my day,” said Bauer. Credit: Carol Bauer via Storyful