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Minnie Driver calls this gloss 'the greatest lip balm in the world' and it's just $10 at Amazon

If winter has chapped your lips, this salve promises to soothe and smooth your smackers.

There couldn't be a worse time of year for Valentine's Day. They took the one day of the year you're most likely to get a few smooches and dropped it in one of the coldest, dryest months of the year, increasing your chances for chapped lips. And once they're dried out, it can be a challenge to get them back to their supple glory. But thanks to a tip from Minnie Driver, you can your lips back to smacking smoothly — her go-to balm is Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm and it's just $10 at Amazon.

Enriched with soothing ingredients like green tea extract, shea butter and avocado oil, this lip balm is intensely hydrating and provides long-lasting moisture. 

$10 at Amazon

She shared her nighttime beauty routine with Harper's Bazaarshe uses great (read: expensive but we love her affordable fave Palmer's Cocoa Butter) products and as a woman in Hollywood with fair and freckly skin, she's learned a few things about caring for her dermis.

"She's taught me a lot about my skin and a lot about the acceptance of how as we grow older our skin changes and we can do lots of things to support it," said Driver as she slathered serum on her face. "But we should be kind and gentle with the process of aging."

Of course, skin includes her lips, which, Driver admits, can get parched. "I've tried every lip balm because I have quite dry skin and very dry lips."

The one salve that she returns to again and again is one she uses at night and at work — and she's quite enthusiastic about it.

"This lip balm by Jack Black, it's the greatest lip balm in the world. All day when I'm working I'll have this mixed into my lipstick. When I take my lipstick off at lunchtime, this goes on. I used to get super cracked lips and I just don't anymore. There, it's amazing."

Vitamin E, green tea extract, shea butter and avocado oil are just a few of the hydrating ingredients that give your lips long-lasting moisture. And if you happen to go outside on a sunny day, this lip balm also has an SPF of 25 to keep your lips protected from sun damage.

With just a swipe, you get silky-smooth lips. (Getty/Amazon)
With just a swipe, you get silky-smooth lips. (Getty/Amazon)

If a thumbs-up from a movie star doesn't do enough convincing, Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm also has the approval of over 17,000 rave reviewers.

"My daughter who plays tennis is really prone to getting fever/sun blisters," shared a rave reviewer. "This is the only lip gloss that has helped prevent them. We have tried many other sun lip balms with SPF, and other things. This is the best, every flavor is great, we will be buying more!!"

"The ultimate lip balm," raved a five-star fan. "I live in Chicago and have sensitive skin. This lip balm holds up to the winters here. It entirely heals stubbornly dried/cracked lips. I can put it on before and bed and have new lips by the morning."

"Living in the desert definitely calls for lip balm," a happy shopper shared. "This is the first one I have found that actually moisturizers, long-term. I have tried inexpensive and expensive lip moisturizers, but none seem to actually repair dry, chapped lips. This product is the only one that actually works for me. It is fairly heavy in consistency, but not too sticky, and the fragrance is quite pleasant. So overall, I give it five stars."

In addition to intense hydration, this lip balm has an SPF of 25 to keep your lips protected from sun damage.

$10 at Amazon

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