Minor hockey coach canned after camera catches obscenity-filled rant

A youth hockey organization in Colorado has fired one of its coaches after he was caught on camera delivering a vulgar pregame tirade to a team full of 13 and 14-year-old boys.

One of the players on the team appears to have recorded the obscenity-filled diatribe covertly on his cell phone from inside the dressing room of the Bantam “A” Blacks team of the Littleton Hockey Association. The coach spews out several boorish and barbaric comments throughout his “pep talk,” but a couple of the remarks were particular disturbing, especially considering these kids aren’t even in high school yet.

“I wanna see you sticking your hands up these guys (expletive) and working ‘em like a (expletive) puppet!” he said, according to the video, which was originally posted to the Spittin’ Chiclets Facebook page on Nov. 3 according to Global News.

“I have no idea where I’m heading with this, but I want to see you beat up Green Mountain! (their opponent). (Expletive) Green Mountain! (Expletive) their coaches! (Expletive) their wives!”

Several of the children chuckled and fought to hold in their laughter as the assistant coach continued to make it rain obscenities, while some of the remaining team members were visibly uncomfortable during the exchange.

The president of the Littleton Hockey Association, George Stieduhar, confirmed the video’s validity and told Global News the coach has been terminated from his position with the Bantam team and the organization as a whole.

“We have removed the assistant coach from the team and from the association,”the statement read. “Littleton Hockey Association was established in 1963, and for 54 years we take pride in providing a safe place for children to learn and enjoy playing the sport of ice hockey.

“This unfortunate event is not a representation of our association and out of respect for the families and the sport we are diligently working to correct the situation and further educate to prevent anything like this in the future.”

It’s not exactly clear when this incident occurred, but the association’s Director of Hockey Operations Brian TenEyck said in an email obtained by Deadspin that several parents complained and brought the issue to light in October after they overheard the coach’s bizarre blowup from outside the dressing room.

One might argue this is exactly the kind of coach professional players would skate through a wall for – however, he seems to have forgotten the players in this particular instance are barely teenagers.

Wound, meet salt: The fiery speech didn’t even work as Green Mountain won 3-1 over Littleton in what was apparently this coach’s final game.