Indy league manager caps tantrum by giving 3rd base to kid walking on the concourse

Butch Hobson added a new twist to the independent league manager meltdown Tuesday with an original take on third base. (Twitter/@FMRedHawks)

There’s apparently something in the water at the Minnesota-North Dakota border.

A player for the independent league Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks had a classic meltdown on Monday, using a trash can as a prop to express his displeasure with an umpire.

Second meltdown in 2 days

On Tuesday, the manager from the visiting Chicago Dogs threw a noteworthy tantrum of his own after getting tossed from the same field. He also chose to use a prop.

The third-base umpire called a Redhawks player safe when it appeared he was out on a bang-bang play, drawing Dogs manager Butch Hobson out of the dugout.

After 30 seconds or so of calm, reasoned conversation, Hobson got tossed. He did not retreat directly to the clubhouse.

Hobson’s original take on 3rd base

Hobson gave the ump a few more words before heading toward third base, where he removed the offending bag.

Did he stomp on it? No

Did he toss it? No.

He instead calmly walked to the concourse along the third-base line and found a kid to gift a souvenir.

That’s good stuff. With independent league meltdowns, originality goes a long way. Hobson brought his A-game on Tuesday.

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