How to make a minty fresh juice for spring

Meryl Zises and Lily Rogath
Minty fresh spring cleaning juice: Hannah Hutchins

We love this juice. It's so fresh, light, and bright.

The base of this juice is our favourite veggie of all - baby spinach. Spinach is such a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory making it the ideal cleanser. Spinach is also rich in Omega 3 and an amazing mood booster, which we all need for those chilly March days.

Limes and apples are rich in vitamin C helping ward off pesky colds and are great detoxifiers. Mint is the star of this juice, and aside from being delicious is such a wonderful tummy tamer. If you choose to include coriander you're taking spring cleaning seriously: it's excellent at cleansing the body of toxic metals. Happy Imbibing!


½ lime juice squeezed

1 apple

1 handful of spinach

½ handful of mint

A few sprigs of coriander (optional)

Water as necessary, depending on how tart the lime tastes


Add all ingredients and juice.

Meryl Zises and Lily Rogath are the founder of Imbibery London. Follow them on Instagram here.