Mio MiVue, 798 Pro: You’re never alone with this all-seeing dash cam

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 (Mio MiVue, 798 Pro)
(Mio MiVue, 798 Pro)

The big challenge for dashcam designers is fitting a wealth of electronics into a unit big enough to contain a meaningful screen, while packaging it in a product small enough to sit on the windscreen without impeding your view.

The Mio MiVue 798 Pro does all of this in an item measuring just 9 x 3.7 x 4.9 centimetres, with a very useable screen of about seven centimetres. It fits snugly next to the rear-view mirror and has a multitude of features designed to keep drivers safe.

It has GPS tracking, safety camera warnings, forward collision warning and a 3-axis G sensor which records direction, acceleration, turns and impact, lane departure warning and fatigue warning. Most of these items are switchable or can be customised via the intuitive menu system. Reliable

The unit’s primary purpose is to record moving images of the road ahead on a rolling loop and then - in the event of an incident - to provide you with a reliable witness to any events, such as hit and run motorists. You can save a clip by pressing the ‘save recording’ button. Or, if the unit senses a bump, it will automatically save the recording for you.

Insurance companies and the police love these things and so do motorists who value having proof of what really took place. You can’t always rely on witnesses and you may be in a rural area with nobody else about to see what happened.

With the Mio MiVue you are never alone. One feature you may choose to leave on is the speed recording facility, as a reminder to keep to the speed limits. If you have an accident and present the recording to the police, you will want to be able to show that you were doing the right thing in the right place at the right time and at the correct speed.


Don’t forget that the unit has a microphone (also switchable) which will record everything you say on any saved recording, so beware of what you say in the event of a knock (it could be played in court) and remember; this unit will record all your errors too. So having a dashcam might even improve your own standard of driving.

 (Mio MiVue, 798 Pro)
(Mio MiVue, 798 Pro)

Another useful feature on the Mio is WIFI connectivity, so that you can transfer files easily to your phone or laptop, also enabling updates of the firmware or safety camera data. The MiVue is a top-quality piece of kit with a very good wide-angle high-resolution lens. It works well in low light too and it really does work straight out of the box. It’s childishly easy to set up and easy to run with the default settings.

 (Mio MiVue, 798 Pro)
(Mio MiVue, 798 Pro)

Alternatively, you can spend five minutes configuring your own choices. Once fitted, you can forget it, as it turns itself on and off with the ignition key. With additional kit you can also expand the MiVue to include a rear-facing camera or a parking recording facility to protect your car when you’re not in it.

The MiVue 798 Pro is available from Robert Dyas and the Mio website for £189

Good points

  • Small enough not to block your view

  • Very effective as an incident witness

  • Packed with other safety features

Not so good

  • You’ll need to route the power lead through your interior trim which may be tricky.