Miquita Oliver says Simon Amstell ‘will not work with me again’ after Popworld

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Miquita Oliver has killed hopes of a Popworld reunion in a new interview, saying that Simon Amstell has no interest in sharing the screen with her again.

The pair co-hosted the seminal Channel 4 pop music show from 2001 to 2006 at which point the baton was handed over to the short-lived, less successful duo of Alexa Chung and Alex Zane.

The show was a hit under Amstell and Oliver, known for their absurd interviews with pop stars like Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears.

However, Oliver has now said that Amstell “will not work with me again” in a new interview.

“Simon will not work with me again,” she told OK!. “I don’t know why. He’s like, ‘It was brilliant. Let’s just leave it there’. And I’m like, ‘Yeah… but we were so good.’”

Oliver stipulated that she and Amstell have remained close, just not as professionals.

“He’s a very, very important person in my life but I’m not sure the TV reunion is going to happen,” she said.

Last year, Amstell and Oliver sat down with The Guardian to discuss the show’s 20th anniversary. Among many topics, the pair discussed the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami – they were on holiday together in Thailand when the tsunami hit.

Simon Amstell and Miquita Oliver (Channel 4)
Simon Amstell and Miquita Oliver (Channel 4)

Both presenters thought the other was dead after being separated, but they eventually were reunited and sought refuge on a hill.

“This nice person comes around with a basket of bread, because we’d been up there for hours, and Miquita goes: ‘Sorry, I can’t eat carbs.’ Not even a tsunami will make her fat,” Amstell said.

“Meanwhile, I’m looking at Simon and I can see in his head that he’s edging towards making a joke, and I put my hand on his arm and said: ‘It’s too soon, Si,’” Oliver said.

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