'Miracle' Bulldog Puppy Gleefully Greets Infant After Speedy Recovery

Sweet video shared on Facebook shows a rehabilitated foster dog greeting a vet tech and her baby daughter on Tuesday, July 13.

“Miracle dog” Mr Lincoln was surrendered to Texas-based Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue “near death” about a week ago when his owner could not afford surgery for him, the rescue told Storyful.

Severe kidney and bladder problems suggested that the 20-month-old puppy had spent “most of his life in pain and discomfort” until he was able to get treatment at Long Star Bulldog Club Rescue. The clinic documented Mr Lincoln’s rapid progress in a Facebook photo album.

Video shows Mr Lincoln greeting vet tech Taylor and her four-month-old daughter, Oakley, with snuffles and kisses at the Bright Star Veterinary Clinic in Sulphur Springs on Tuesday.

“Foster boy Mr Lincoln loves all his friends and supporters at the vet clinic,” the Facebook post read. “Even the ones who can’t quite talk yet!” Credit: Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue via Storyful

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