Miranda Hart denies reports of new Miranda episodes on the way: ‘Nothing planned at this time’

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Miranda Hart denies reports of new Miranda episodes on the way: ‘Nothing planned at this time’

Miranda Hart has denied reports that there are plans for another season of her sitcom Miranda.

The actor and comedian wrote and starred in the BBC sitcom from 2009 until its end in 2015. Her character, also named Miranda, was the owner of a joke shop and boutique.

The final episode saw Miranda finally marrying the long-time object of her affection, restaurant chef Gary (Tom Ellis).

Recently, Hart was quoted by The Devon Life to have written a fourth season of the comedy, reviving the beloved ensemble of characters.

On Monday (25 April), Hart, however, denied the reports with a message posted on social media.

“It’s so lovely when some people get excited there might be more Miranda,” the message began. “Means a lot. But I’m afraid what was in the papers today didn’t come from me.”

She concluded the note by confirming that there is “nothing planned at this time” and signing off with an orange heart emoji.

Along with the message, the actor explained that she was clarifying the reports for those who were fans of the programme.

Hart added: “I look forward to all the ‘thank God for that’ etc! This [is] just for the few that were excited. No need to tell me that you’re relieved.”

In response, Miranda fans shared their disappointment on social media. "Nooooo! I was so looking forward to more #Miranda episodes," one supporter wrote, while another said: "Aww Miranda, there’s so many of us that are big fans and would love to see the show return one day!"

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