Miranda Lambert Sat Down For A Rare Interview And No Subject Was Off Limits

Miranda Lambert Sat Down For A Rare Interview And No Subject Was Off Limits

Miranda Lambert is one of the biggest stars in country music, but it's rare that she sits down for an in-depth interview. That's why when talk show host Tamron Hall was given behind-the-scenes access to Miranda's Velvet Rodeo residency for her daytime talk show, fans couldn't wait to turn in. And to our surprise, the singer got really candid up about her music and her personal life.

The "Mama's Broken Heart" singer talked about making the move from Tennessee to Las Vegas for her shows, and explained that it's very different from life touring on the road. In Vegas, she and her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, live in "the burbs," and the stable schedule has allowed them the chance to settle down.

Miranda explained, "I've really enjoyed the normalcy. We rent a house out in the burbs, we're not on the Strip. So I wake up, make an omelet, do my walking. People ask, 'How's Vegas?' Off the Strip, it's normal." As for Brendan, Miranda said, "It's sunny all the time and he just thrives."

Miranda turned 40 back in November, and she said this new decade has made her feel more free. Miranda told Tamron, "I guess I'm more open now to whatever is supposed to come my way. I'm more aware, and less like tunnel vision. Luckily, I've worked hard enough that I've reached a lot of my goals so I can be a little more free."

She said, "This [residency] has been something that's completely different. This decade is about trying new things, trying things that scare me. Chilling out a lot, because...40, there's a lot of patio hanging. I've been baking and cooking the whole time I've been here. I traveled here with my CrockPot, so this is 40."

The change seems to be working for Miranda! After selling out more than 30 shows, the Velvet Rodeo residency has been extended into the spring, so Brendan and Miranda will have more time together in the burbs.

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