Miriam Margolyes insists she doesn't have to act for her Call The Midwife role

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Miriam Margolyes would love to return in the future credit:Bang Showbiz
Miriam Margolyes would love to return in the future credit:Bang Showbiz

Miriam Margolyes says there's "no acting required" for her 'Call The Midwife' character.

The 80-year-old star is set to reprise the role of Mother Mildred in the BBC period drama's Christmas special, and she admitted she is quite similar to the formidable Mother Superior.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "There are considerable similarities. The directness Mother Mildred has is mine.

"I'm very like that. Playing her is what I call NAR - no acting required.

"I enjoyed coming back in April to film the Christmas special. We had a great deal of fun, as we always do."

Miriam heaped praise on the show - which has run for 10 series and tackled a number of serious issues - for its ability to be "wholesome" without getting "dull".

She explained: "It's about decent people doing decent things and that's rather rare on TV these days. It's wholesome but that doesn't mean it's dull - it's gripping.

"There's a lot of hate about at the moment, a lot of complaining and anger, which I'm not surprised at.

"But when you see a programme about caring, about love and people looking after each other, it feeds the soul."

Miriam has played Mildred in six episodes of the show since 2018 - with this year's special marking her seventh appearance when it airs on Christmas Day (25.12.21) at 8pm on BBC One - and she would "love" to return again in the future.

She added: "I'd love to. But it depends if they ask me - we never know from year to year whether we will return."

Meanwhile, Helen George - who plays midwife Trixie Franklin in the show - revealed last month the festive special will mark a record number of births in one episode with five babies being born.

She said: "That’s the most babies ever born in one episode. I’ve never seen that.”

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