Miss England turns down Love Island

Rehema Muthamia turned down Love Island credit:Bang Showbiz
Rehema Muthamia turned down Love Island credit:Bang Showbiz

Miss England, Rehema Muthamia, turned down the chance to appear on 'Love Island'.

The 26-year-old beauty queen confirmed she was asked by ITV to take part in the dating competition but she was too "busy" to jet off to Mallorca to go looking for love and knows it would have been a risky decision if she'd agreed.

She told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: “I was approached by 'Love Island'. I thought about it, but I’m not there. I’m busy with many things.

“With life, there is always a risk when you do something. For one person it might be a negative experience and for another person it might be amazing.”

While she turned down 'Love Island', Rehema - who recently graduated with a masters in genetics - is looking for other work in TV.

She said: “I’d love to work in entertainment. I have a few shows coming up later this year. I’d like to do TV presenting. That’s a side of things I would like to tap into more.”

Rehema will be Miss England until a new winner is crowned this autumn.

Six years ago, Zara Holland appeared on 'Love Island' and was stripped of her Miss Great Britain title after she performed a sex act on her co-star Alex Bowen on national television.

And she later admitted her decision will "haunt" her for the rest of her life.

Speaking to The Sun Online, she said: "I changed as a person. I didn't want to go out or socialise....

"People applying need to know how serious things can be.

"They see a claim to fame, they don't see that in ten years' time, when you're married with bab­ies, you'll still be haunted for the rest of your life."

Zara's anxiety was so bad when she left the villa that she was put on anti-depressants and she has admitted she still doesn't feel ready to stop the medication.

She explained: "I was upset all the time and couldn't stop crying. I was having bad anxiety too. I had this shame and guilt I couldn't get over."