Missing Jay Slater case has links to 'established criminal network'

Mark Williams-Thomas has provided an update on the Jay Slater investigation
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A private investigator claims his probe into the disappearance of Jay Slater has opened up an "established criminal network with links to drugs, violent crime and thefts". Former Met Police officer Mark Williams-Thomas headed to Tenerife last week in the hope of getting to the bottom of the teen's disappearance.

The 19 year old apprentice bricklayer from Oswaldtwistle in Lancashire has not been seen since he left a rave by car with two Brits and stayed overnight at an Airbnb located in a rural village on the island. This was Jay's first experience of a holiday abroad.

Lucy Law and Brad Hargreaves, friends with whom he was staying in the popular town of Los Christianos, last heard from him on the morning of June 17 when he attempted to return to their location. Despite an extensive fortnight-long search operation, no trace of Jay has been found.

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The investigation into his disappearance took a concerning shift earlier this week as it was revealed that one of the last people to see Jay was a convicted drug dealer.

Further gravitas was added to the situation when TV detective Mark Williams-Thomas suggested that the case potentially had connections with organised crime. Having travelled to Tenerife to assist in locating Jay, Williams-Thomas stated that further inquiries have revealed an established underworld network linked to drugs, violent offences and theft, reports the Mirror.

The details of the ongoing investigation were shared by an individual who stated: "As part of this investigation we have sought to speak with all of the people Jay had contact with whilst in Tenerife. The result of this digging has opened up an established criminal network with links to drugs, violent crime and theft. At this stage I cannot expand any further on what we now know."

He spoke openly about their determination to uncover more, adding, "I'm unable to say if this network has anything to do with Jay's disappearance but remain open-minded as we continue to investigate."

On Sunday, it was disclosed that Ayub Qassim, 31, known for his imprisonment nine years prior over a plot to flood Wales with Class A drugs, is the elusive 'Jonny Vegas' alleged to have driven the missing teenager to the vacant holiday rental.

In an effort to keep the public informed, the gentleman released a video where he update everyone saying, "In the last 24 hours I have spoken in detail with Ayub Qassim, who is also known as Jonny Vegas."

He gave an account as conveyed by Qassim, "He told me he was on the (Veronicas) Strip in Playa de las Americas and said that Jay wanted to carry on partying and that he hadn't anywhere to stay, so he (Qassim) invited him back to his rental. In the car they played music all the way, they stopped once to get a can of fizzy drink, and there were three of them in the car, Jay in the back and Qassim's friend in the front."

He further detailed the narrative explaining that upon arriving at the Airbnb, Qassim's friend fell asleep, whereas Jay was given a blanket and phone charger before deciding to catch a bus which "comes every 10 minutes".

"Once at the property, his friend opened the door, and went to the left and went straight to sleep. Jay walked in, and Qassim walked in behind him, went upstairs, and got him a red blanket," Mark said.

The TV detective added: "Qassim said 'Yo bro, the sofa's for you there' and he gave him a towel if he needed a shower. Jay also asked for a cigarette and Qassim gave him a Camel cigarette and left it on the side. Jay then asked for a charger and then went into Qassim's friend room, while he was sleeping and got the charger."

Mr Williams-Thomas added that Qassim told him he then went to sleep and was awoken by the sound of the door buzzing. He added: "Qassim opened the door and spoke to a woman and man and they told him to move his car, which he did and he said he could see Jay chatting to a woman."

"He said that after moving the car, he came back and saw Jay had his trainers on and he told Qassim that the woman had said he could get a bus 'every ten minutes'. Qassim said to him "Chill, mate, I'll drop you off later, when I wake up' but he said Jay said 'nah, I need some scran, I'm hungry"".

"Jay said he had been told by the woman the bus to Los Cristianos was every ten minutes and Qassim said there was no bus and added "Do what you like' before going back to sleep."

It is thought that Qassim invited the young lad back to his place after a rave in the south of the island, and then Jay was nowhere to be found the following day. The 31 year old, alongside an unnamed mate, has been cooperating with Spanish coppers and has even prolonged his stay on Tenerife to help out with the case.

He previously told the Daily Mail, claiming that Jay had "left the house alive". A Snapchat picture sent by Jay to his pals at 7.30am on the day he vanished shows him with a fag, wrapped up in a red blanket.

Mark continued in the video, saying: "The evidence still strongly supports that Jay left the Airbnb suddenly, walked for thirty minutes before wandering off road on the Monday where he dropped a location ping. However, as part of this investigation, we sought to identify and speak with as many people as Jay had contact with whilst in Tenerife."

"The result of this digging has opened up an established criminal network with links to drugs, violent crime and theft. You will appreciate that at this stage I cannot expand any further on what we now know. However, at this stage I'm unable to say if this network has anything to do with Jay's disappearance."

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