Missing puppy named Frank has been rescued from a well in Wakefield

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 (West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service)
(West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service)

A Bradford district fire crew have rescued a puppy from a well, and it has now been reunited with its owners.

The puppy called Frank was reported missing on Sunday night and had managed to fall down a well.

But Frank’s owners contacted West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and he was rescued by the blue and white watch crew based at Cleckheaton Fire Station.

The pup, whose cries were heard by a resident, was stuck 10ft (3m) down the well in Heath Common, Wakefield when crews were called to her aid on Sunday.

She was pulled out by a firefighter who was lowered down on a rope system.

Rich Hawley, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue station manager, said she was unharmed but muddy and “extremely glad to be cuddled by her owner”.

West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue posted the story alongside pictures of Frank after he had been rescued.

They tweeted: “This little puppy had a Ruff night Frank had gone missing during the night on Sunday and unfortunately, fell down a well! Luckily, Frank’s owners contacted the Fire Service and crews were able to save the day #Shoutout to Cleckheaton Blue & White Watch Crew #PuppyLove.”

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