'Mission: Impossible 6' Set Photos Show Tom Cruise in His Natural Habitat

Most of the details of Mission: Impossible 6 are still under wraps, but director Christopher McQuarrie is giving fans a sneak peek on Twitter. Over the past few days, McQuarrie (who also helmed the previous M:I film, Rogue Nation) has posted several new set photos of Tom Cruise and his co-stars, including one that might hint at the latest death-defying Cruise stunt. Check them out below.

Tom Cruise, who plays IMF agent Ethan Hunt, and Ving Rhames, who plays super-hacker Luther Stickell, flash the sequel number. Both actors have appeared in every Mission: Impossible film since the first in 1996.

Helicopters, parked with a view of the mountains, may suggest that Cruise’s big M:I 6 mystery stunt involves a chopper. More evidence: previously, McQuarrie posted a helicopter close-up with the caption “Today’s forecast: Holy s—.”

New cast member Henry Cavill shows off his facial hair.

Cruise, with McQuarrie’s reflection.

Previously, McQuarrie posted a photo of the film’s leading ladies Vanessa Kirby, Angela Bassett, Rebecca Ferguson, and Michelle Monaghan, suggesting that the women will have a larger role than in previous M:I films. The new movie is slated for July 2018.

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