Mitch Trubisky's mom woke him up to break the Khalil Mack trade news

Ryan Young
Yahoo Sports Contributor

Chicago Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky didn’t set an alarm Saturday morning.

He didn’t need to — the Bears had a rare day off, and he was going to sleep in while his parents were visiting over Labor Day weekend.

Suddenly, though, his mom burst into his room.

“You guys just got Khalil Mack!” Trubisky’s mom told him, waking him up.

“Get out of here. Leave me alone, I’m going back to sleep.” Trubisky replied.

“No I’m serious!” His mom said, trying to convince her son..

“No, you’re making me mad. Get out of here,” Trubisky fired back.

Trubisky, after seeing some rumors, actually texted general manager Ryan Pace to confirm the news. He didn’t want to jump the gun.

Mack was traded to the Bears and agreed to a six-year, $141 million deal with $90 million guaranteed, making him the highest paid defensive player in NFL history. He’s expected to start when the Bears take on the Green Bay Packers to open their season on Sunday night.

In Trubisky’s defense, that’s pretty big news to hear first thing in the morning — especially to be woken up to.

Moms, though, are almost always right.

“You can’t wake me up with that kind of news, because you just don’t believe it,” Trubisky said. “But he’s here, we’re ready to roll getting ready for Week 1. We’re excited about it.”

Mitch Trubisky’s mom woke him up to break the news about the Khalil Mack trade over the weekend — and he didn’t believe her. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

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