Mitch Winehouse Blasts ‘Amy’ Documentary Maker – Again – After Oscar Win

He has never been shy about expressing his disgust over the film.

Mitch Winehouse has now launched another scathing attack on the documentary about his troubled daughter’s tragic life, and its maker Asif Kapadia, after he won at last night’s Oscars.

The record-breaking film, directed by Kapadia, was named Best Documentary Feature at the ceremony in Los Angeles, despite Mitch’s earlier protests it wasn’t a realistic portrayal of Rehab singer Amy.


Mitch with Amy at the Grammy Awards in 2008. Picture: Getty Images

He tweeted after the ceremony: ‘Always proud of my baby. Amy will not get an Oscar though. Just Asif Kapadia. That is what this is all about… Asif. He’s fooled everybody.

‘I am not changing my stance just because film won Oscar. It’s a negative, spiteful and misleading portrayal of Amy. We will fix this.’


After coming under attack from trolls on the social network site for his comments he added: ‘If you are going to troll you’ve got to use a lot more swear words to be really offensive. Let’s keep trolling standards up. Come on trolls!’


Amy died of alcohol poisoning in July 2011, and became a member of music’s grim ’27 Club’ – a roll-call of rockers including Kurt Cobain and Janis Joplin who died at the age.

Kapadia’s Amy movie was released in July 2015 and became the highest-grossing documentary of all time.


Amy film-makers Asif Kapadia, left, and James Gay-Rees last night accepted their Oscars for Best Documentary Feature. Picture: Getty Images

He said as he collected his Oscar: “Thank you to everyone who voted for us, the Academy… everyone who trusted us to make this film.

“The film is about Amy and showing the world who she really was, not the tabloid persona. We just wanted to make a film to show the world who she really was.“


Amy, who died of alcohol poisoning, boozing at a gig by The Libertines at London’s Forum club a year before her death. Picture: Getty Images

Mitch told the Daily Express after it was nominated: “It sickens me that it is up for an Oscar because Asif is getting all these accolades, people will think his version of Amy’s life is the definitive one. It is anything but.

“It doesn’t show that for the last three years of her life she was clean of drugs. The chronology jumps from 2008 when she was still taking drugs to 2011 when she died but it doesn’t show that for those last three years she was clean of drugs.

“You don’t see the Amy who was hysterically funny and witty and kind. The message of the film could have been, ‘Drugs are bad but Amy dealt with her addiction’. Instead it says nothing positive about Amy.”

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