MLB Network to celebrate Derek Jeter's career with 64 consecutive hours of Jeter programming

If you ever wanted to relive the career of New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter, now’s your chance. MLB Network is celebrating Jeter’s debut by airing 64 consecutive hours of Jeter programming.

The event will begin Friday at 6 a.m. ET on MLB Network. It will feature 13 games, many of which will include milestones like Jeter’s first hit and Jeter’s final game. In between those games, MLB Network will feature programming focused around Jeter and historic looks at the 1995 Major League Baseball season, as well as World Series highlights from the seasons Jeter’s Yankees won it all. Jeter’s final game will close out the event. It will air Sunday at 8 p.m. ET.

While some have wondered whether that much Jeter is necessary, there’s no doubt Jeter is still among the most beloved MLB players even years after his retirement. Given the success ESPN had with “The Last Dance,” MLB Network could be looking for another star from the same era to carry the network to big ratings. That comparison isn’t perfect, as MLB Network’s event is not a documentary and will mostly focus on re-airing games.

Whether that strategy will work remains to be seen. Jeter is still a hugely popular figure within the game, and there are plenty of Yankees fans out there who wouldn’t mind watching some of Jeter’s biggest games.

Given that there are currently no live MLB games to air, it’s worth a shot to see whether old Jeter highlights can bring in viewers.

Who knows, even Jeter’s biggest detractors might be tempted to hate watch a couple games?

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