Did MLB star Joey Votto out-funny Jerry Seinfeld and David Letterman?

Mark Townsend
Yahoo Sports Contributor

Joey Votto relishes playing the villain during his interactions with opposing fans, and he’s not about to allow a couple comedy legends to blow his cover.

The Cincinnati Reds first baseman made that much clear after his kindness was briefly the subject of conversation between host David Letterman and guest Jerry Seinfeld during an episode of Netflix’s “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.” In his response, Votto not only disputed their claims, but out-funnied the funny men in epic fashion.

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It started with Letterman, the former host of CBS’ Late Show, seemingly randomly mentioning attending a recent Reds game where Votto took a break with his on-deck routine to thank him for attending the game.

Letterman was blown away by the gesture, and wondered if Seinfeld, a well known Mets fan who frequently attends games in New York and Los Angeles, had experienced anything similar.

Seinfeld said he had, with Votto being the player involved in his story too.

That’s the same Joey Votto who’s become famous for trolling opposing fans with his antics.

Reds first baseman Joey Votto enjoys playing the villain, and won’t allow Jerry Seinfeld or David Letterman to spoil his baseball persona. (AP)

Apparently, Votto really appreciates the fans deep down. He just prefers to keep those feelings under wraps. Now that his secret is out, Votto did the only thing we’d expect him to do.

Deny. Deny. Deny.

That’s just fantastic.

We have to give Votto credit. He not only plays a heel when the stadium lights are on, he’s fully committed to the gimmick off the field too. And he knows exactly how to play the role, almost as if he were Ric Flair or Roddy Piper in their pro wrestling prime.

Votto is a baseball player and an entertainer all at once, and he’s currently at the top of his game in both fields.

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