Moment Moat Shot Himself Relived In Court

The dramatic moment gunman Raoul Moat shot himself in the head has been relived in court during an inquest into the fugitive's death.

The jury heard from a police negotiator who had pleaded for hours with Moat to hand himself in - before hearing him commit suicide.

The officer of 16 years tried to persuade the gunman to lower the shotgun he was holding to his chin and temple, but he refused and repeatedly said: "I'm not coming in."

Then the inquest heard how the atmosphere instensified after a conversation about ex-girlfriend Samantha Stobbart, who he had shot days earlier.

The negotiator, known in court only as A3, shouted at Moat: "Raoul, this isn't the way to end it."

Moat, who had been holding the sawn-off weapon under his chin, brought it back to his temple.

Officer A3 said: "The gun goes to his head. He bolsters himself. He starts to take deep breaths. At that moment I had severe concerns he was going to (commit suicide)."

He told the court he heard two "pops", thinking they were shots, and then saw Moat fall backwards.

Earlier the inquest heard how Moat had likened himself to comic book character the Hulk, and King Kong, while he was on the run.

Extracts from dictaphone messages found in Raoul Moat's tent in Rothbury in July 2010 were read out to the court.

In one he said: "I feel like King Kong, when he's right at the top of that burning building. Y'know, all messed up. In a mess."

In another he said: "It's like a wild animal. It's been there all my life. I've always had it in the back of my mind. It only ever comes out when I get hurt."

A third recording was also read out: "I feel like there's a Hulk inside me. Shooting that cop the other day was like a video game. It doesn't seem real."

And forensic psychologist John Hughes, who had advised police dealing with the gunman about his state of mind, described Moat as "paranoid and suspicious" and a man who "didn't really trust anybody".

The jury also heard about a psychiatrist's letter written in 2006 which revealed Moat's parents set fire to his toys when he was a child and often kept him off school because of the amount of bruises on his body.

The letter also revealed that Moat had CCTV cameras installed at his home and would sit in his bedroom watching the screen for hours. He also kept an axe and a crossbow in his bedroom.

A huge manhunt was launched after the 37-year-old shot his ex-girlfriend Samantha Stobbart and killed her boyfriend Christopher Brown. The next day he shot Pc David Rathband, leaving him blind.

The jury has heard police fired at Moat with an unauthorised Taser gun.

After a six hour stand-off, Raoul Moat eventually shot himself, having been on the run for almost a week.

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