All About the ‘Mob Wife’ Style Trend That Has Taken Over TikTok

Clean girls are out, mob wives are in — at least according to TikTok.

After minimalism returned in a major way last year (looking at you, quiet luxury) it appears that an entirely opposite — read: maximalist — aesthetic is taking social media by storm. Enter the “mob wife” with her fur coats, heavy makeup and teased hair à la Big Ang, Sharon Stone’s Ginger McKenna in “Casino” and naturally, Adriana La Cerva and Carmela Soprano of “The Sopranos.”

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377321 01: The Sopranos, Hbo1S Hit Series About A Modern-Day Mob Boss Caught Between Responsibilities To His Family And His "Family," Debuts New Episodes On Sunday Nights. Pictured: Series Regular Edie Falco.  (Photo By Getty Images)
Edie Falco as Carmela Soprano in “The Sopranos.”

The recent mob wife obsession aligns with the 25th anniversary of HBO’s hit series, which some TikTok users have speculated is a genius marketing strategy. It isn’t just fans of mobster media that are talking about the trend: even Francis Ford Coppola, director of “The Godfather” trilogy, shared his thoughts on the fad via Instagram last week, noting that his sister inspired the “sultry, delightful Italian princess” character of Connie Corleone.

Below, WWD breaks down the mob wife trend.

Mob Wife Outfits

CASINO, Sharon Stone, 1995, mob wife aesthetic, tiktok trend
Sharon Stone in “Casino.”

One needn’t be a gangster’s moll to dress like a mob wife. Jennifer Lopez, Dua Lipa and the entire cast of “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” among other celebrities, have successfully channeled the aesthetic.

The mob wife look can easily be replicated after a trip to the thrift store. Faux furs, large sunglasses, animal prints and costume jewelry are readily available for resale, although many current brands — think body-con silhouettes hawked by Skims or Balenciaga — are making the rounds on TikTok as base layers for a mob wife look.

CASINO, Sharon Stone, 1995. ph: Phillip Caruso / © Universal Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection, mob wife aesthetic, tiktok trend
Sharon Stone wears Courregès in “Casino.”

Much inspiration can also be found on the runway: long before the aesthetic went viral, labels including Alaïa, Versace and Dior made fashions that work within the trend. John Galliano’s early 2000s designs for the latter house, frequently aplenty with logos, prints and diamanté embellishments, have proven timeless with stars like Rihanna and Emily Ratajkowski rocking vintage Dior in recent years. Meanwhile, Courregès’ vinyl skirt suits, which Stone could be spotted wearing in “Casino,” for example, were re-released in 2020 after first being introduced in the ’70s.

SCARFACE, Michelle Pfeiffer, 1983, (c) Universal/courtesy Everett Collection, mob wife aesthetic, tiktok trend
Michelle Pfeiffer in “Scarface.”

While the look clearly trafficks in maximalism, for a more minimalist approach, shoppers can look to Michelle Pfeiffer’s Elvira Hancock in “Scarface,” whose slinky satin slips and structured suits embody a more tailored, elevated version of the trend.

Mob Wife Makeup

mob wife aesthetic, tiktok trend, The Sopranos, Hbo's Hit Series About A Modern-Day Mob Boss Caught Between Responsibilities To His Family And His "Family," Debuts New Episodes On Sunday Nights. Pictured: Series Regulars Michael Imperioli And Drea De Matteo.  (Photo By Getty Images)
Michael Imperioli and Drea De Matteo in “The Sopranos.”

A mob wife aesthetic often comes with full face of makeup. TikTok beauty aficionados Alicia Breuer, Steph Hui and Hayley Bui, for example, have the look down pat with smoky eyes, heavy blush and maroon lips. Other current makeup trends can be easily incorporated into the aesthetic: siren eyes, dark lip liner and bold eyebrows are peak mob wife. Long nails are yet another important staple, with shades of red and french tips being preferable.

Mob Wife Hair

Mob wife manes are all about volume. Retro hairstyles like bouncy blowouts and towering updos are an ideal source of inspiration.

LOS ANGELES - DECEMBER 20: mob wife aesthetic, tiktok trend, The movie "The Godfather: Part II", directed by Francis Ford Coppola, based on the novel 'The Godfather' by Mario Puzo.  Seen here, Talia Shire as Connie Corleone.  Initial theatrical wide release December 20, 1974.  Screen capture. Paramount Pictures. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)
Talia Shire in “The Godfather: Part II.”

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