Model and actress Iris Law says she was ‘super ready’ for new punk hairstyle

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Iris Law looks incredible as she poses for shoot (Aiden Zamiri)
Iris Law looks incredible as she poses for shoot (Aiden Zamiri)

Iris Law has said she relies on her parents Sadie Frost and Jude Law to give her career advice and tips — including her bold decision to shave her head.

The model and actress, 20, said she often calls her celebrity friends and contacts — including Pearl Lowe, Stella McCartney and Kate Moss — when she needs some advice.

Law, who is starring in Pistol, the forthcoming six-part series about punk band Sex Pistols directed by Danny Boyle, said she was inspired to shave her head by the punk ethos — but got approval from her family before taking the plunge.

“I was super ready,” she said about her hairstyle in an interview with ES Magazine.

“I’d been thinking about it for months and flattening my hair down to see the shape of my head. It felt really right and instantly like it was me. It was really liberating. My dad, my mum, my boyfriend were like, ‘Do it, do it now, you’ll never do it again.’”

On her little black book of showbusiness friends, Law said: “I’m so lucky to have such amazing people to look up and ask for advice. If there’s anything I’m doing that’s new, my parents have done before, they’re always a phone call away. It’s been great to get some insight.”

She said her father — a double Oscar nominee — had helped her hone the craft of acting and how to be a professional on set. “I tape [auditions] with my dad. He gives me great tips. But more generally I’ve been brought up with morals, not necessarily to do with acting but for life. I’ve always been told to be polite, to be on time, to be attentive, to work really hard.”

Law said the experience of filming Pistol — in which she plays Soo Catwoman alongside Talulah Riley as Vivienne Westwood, Louis Partridge as Sid Vicious and Maisie Williams as model Jordan Mooney — had changed her life.

“I was so in awe of those women who pioneered female punk and it made me want to shave my head,” she added. Law also spoke about being reluctant to pick between her career avenues of acting and modelling — suggesting she wanted to “carry on doing it all” for as long as possible.

When asked what her ultimate goal was, she said: “I know that at the rate I’m working, I’m going to need to narrow it down at some point because I want to be the best at whatever I decide. But I’m only 20, so I’m going to carry on doing it all.”

Law also said the role in Pistol gave her a chance to misbehave — which was a breath of fresh air for the self-confessed “homebody”. “Having to do justice to the movement and being rowdy pushed me to places I never would have gone before.”

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