Model in a scary rat head walked a haute couture runway

Watching the Sheguang Hu haute couture show at Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week spring-summer 2018 felt a lot like falling through a looking glass and down a rabbit hole. The catwalk was filled with mad hatters, bunny ears, children, face paint, elaborate gowns, and even a Chinese Queen Elizabeth. But the most startling visual had to have been the giant rat head that came down the catwalk.

The Sheguang Hu haute couture show at Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week spring-summer 2018 turned some heads, especially when a model wearing a rat head strutted the runway. (Photo: Getty Images)

While the headdresses at this show were certainly extreme — from top hats with bunny ears to a hairpiece made out of red pompoms — our jaws touched the floor when a model came down the runway with a oversize rat head atop her shoulders.

A model showcases designs on the runway at Sheguang Hu Haute Couture collection during the Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week spring-summer 2018 on Nov. 7, in Beijing. (Photo: Getty Images)

The model was wearing a bright yellow long-sleeve shirt and matching tight pants with a leather harness over them — it was very Kill Bill, Volume 1. She also wore leather gloves. The model somehow made her way down the runway with a big fuzzy rat head covering her own. It was as if one of those blowup union rats got a couture makeover.

But that wasn’t the only strange sight: Other models who walked the runway included girls with stuffed bunnies and koalas sewn onto their dresses and a woman with teddy bears attached to her gown. Almost as frightening as the rat head was a model wearing a strange birdlike mask. There was also a model covered from head to toe (face included) in blue and pink, and she looked practically normal next to the rat on the catwalk … or should we say, ratwalk?

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