Model has seizure on Instagram to show reality of living with epilepsy

Staff writer

Model Sophie Wilson-Smith bravely uploaded a live video to Instagram of what happens when she has a seizure, in a bid to show the stark realities of living with epilepsy.

Sophie Wilson-Smith

The 24-year-old masters degree student from North London had no idea that she suffered from the condition until she had an episode while at work in 2016.

Following a series of medical checks, she was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2018, but the emotionally raw video has now propelled her to wider social media attention.

Epilepsy is a neurological condition which is triggered by often sudden and intense electrical activity of neurones in the brain. The condition can very in severity, from almost undetectable reactions to violent shaking.

"I feel unaware of my surroundings"

Ms Wilson-Smith posted the distressing footage of herself having a focal seizure, which shows her conscious but disorientated, saying: "It only usually lasts a few seconds to a couple of minutes". The start of the video sees Sophie's hand start to tremor as she realises that she is in the throws of an episode.

"My heart feels like it's beating out of my chest. I feel unaware of my surroundings", she told her Instagram followers.

An emotional Ms Wilson-smith said: "it's quite normal for me to get upset afterwards, because it's quite scary when it happens", as she wiped away tears.

The Veterinary Epidemiology student, told the Metro: "Lots of people don't realise there are different types of seizure. It's not always the typical fit you see on TV, where a person is on the ground shaking.

"The ones I experience are almost unnoticeable, yet I'll be freaking out inside. It can make you feel very alone."

By speaking out, Sophie hopes that it will educate others about epilepsy and how it can present itself differently during acute episodes.