Model vows to 'take up boxing' after shocking footage shows her being punched by nightclub bouncer in Liverpool

Chloe Chaplain

A model caught on camera being punched in the face by a nightclub bouncer in Liverpool has said she plans to take up boxing to defend herself.

A video of her being punched went viral this week. The Facebook clip shows her being hit in the face by a bouncer after she lunged at him.

Ms Peberdy, 22, swings a punch at the doorman on Mathew Street before he ducks under her swinging arm and lands a sharp right hook, causing her to stumble backwards.

The video was shared more than 150,000 times on social media.

Boxing: The model said she was proud to defend herself (Twitter)

Following the incident, Ms Peberdy Tweeted she “would love to take up boxing”, adding: “Nothing is stopping me. I might do it!”

After the footage emerged Ms Peberdy was the centre of speculation about whether she had sparked the brawl by throwing the first punch.

But she has since said that he initiated the attack after grabbing her down from dancing on a table and dragging her outside by her leg.

She told The Sun: “The video footage looks very bad on me but it is completely out of context. It doesn’t show him manhandling me first.

Assault: The footage appears to show the two in a scuffle before the bouncer punches her

“Yes I did swing for him, but I was angry and upset at him attacking me out of nowhere - it was self-defence.

“I understand that if someone throws a punch – whether they’re a girl or a boy – then they deserve to be hit back. But he started it and I needed to defend myself.”

Despite insisting she was not in the wrong Ms Peberdy, from Chester, was subject to criticism on social media.

One person named Alskan Dudanmaja wrote: “You get what you ask for. Being drunk does NOT justify bad behaviour”.

Another - just named Sam - asked her if she was “proud of losing a fella his job” to which she responded that the was “proud” to “stick up for myself”.

A spokesman for Merseyside Police said they had received reports of an assault in Liverpool city centre on Sunday April 16.

They said: “At about 6.50pm, a report was received that a woman had been assaulted by a man close to Hardy’s Bar on Mathew Street.

“Officers attended and enquiries into the matter are ongoing.”

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