Mollie Responds to Harry Dating Rumors After 'The Traitors U.K.’ Finale

the traitors harry mollie dating rumours
Mollie Responds to Harry Dating RumorsDavid Emery - BBC

Warning: There are spoilers for 'The Traitors U.K.' season 2 ahead

Oh, The Traitors U.K. The BBC game show had us completely hooked every week, from Diane's fizzy rose to Paul's iconic bow and more. Now finalists Harry Clark and Mollie Pierce are speaking out about those romance rumors.

The series came to an end last Friday, with Harry winning after a tense roundtable with his fellow finalists and taking home a huge cash prize of £95,000 as a Traitor. Now post-finale, Harry and Mollie are addressing online speculation that they're dating.

"There is nothing romantic here at all," Mollie told Cosmopolitan UK.

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David Emery

"I think we bonded massively just because we were the youngest in the group and also, we bonded so much over our partners," she continued. "We've both been in long term relationships."

ICYMI, Harry is dating Anna Maynard–who is a children's TV presenter and singer Connor Maynard's sister, FYI–and Mollie's long-term boyfriend is named Max.

"Everyone else had wives and kids," Harry added. "Their lives were ahead of ours and we were, sort of, on the same path and had the same feelings of missing our loved person.

"I feel like I know more about her fella that I do her... that's why our connection was so strong."

On what their friendship is like now, Mollie said, "It was a game and we all knew that so Harry doesn't owe me anything and our friendship is fine.

"We've had a lot of time to process everything and we've definitely moved on from it all."

Well that put those rumors straight to bed!

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