Molly-Mae Hague confident she'd still be successful without Love Island

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Molly-Mae Hague doesn't think she owes her success to Love Island credit:Bang Showbiz
Molly-Mae Hague doesn't think she owes her success to Love Island credit:Bang Showbiz

Molly-Mae Hague doesn’t think she owes her success to ‘Love Island'.

The reality TV star - who appeared on the fifth series of the hit ITV2 dating show in 2019 - doesn't believes she needed the programme to become successful, as she thought she would be "fine either way".

After appearing on ‘Love Island’, Molly, 22, has accumulated a following of 6.3 million on Instagram as well as launched her own fake-tan brand Filter and she has become the creative director of Pretty Little Thing. Her ever-growing YouTube channel has also surpassed one million followers.

But the vlogger still believes she would've amassed one million followers across her social channels without the show, putting that down to her "really good work ethic".

Speaking on 'The Diary of a CEO' podcast, Molly said: "There was a side of me that thought, I can actually do this without going on this show,

"I know I’ll be fine either way. My following was growing rapidly.

"I think I was about 170,000 followers at that point and that was all organic growth.

"There was no TV shows or anything. I’d say now if I hadn’t gone on the show I’d like to say I’d still be hitting a million followers because I had that really good work ethic with my Instagram."

But the entrepreneur did credit ‘Love Island’ for being a platform that has helped to "elevate" her.

She added: "But the show just sort of … it just elevated me.

"When you come off that show you’re all on a level playing field and it’s totally up to you where you go with it, and I just knew that I wanted to go to levels that no-one had ever gone to.

"And that’s why I never really speak about it, because I just feel like I don’t owe … that’s not the reason why I am where I am now.

"Yeah it gave me a platform, yeah it elevated me, but the things I’ve done now are not because of ‘Love Island’. They’re because of me and what I decided to do with my work ethic."

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