Molly-Mae Hague's candid confession about filler use as she shares major update

Molly-Mae talked about her fillers
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Molly-Mae Hague has opened up about her journey away from facial fillers, revealing that she hasn't had any for nearly five years. The influencer and new mum shared a throwback photo on Instagram to show the extent of her previous filler use, captioning it with: "We've come a long way," accompanied by a string of shocked emojis.

In a candid video, she reflected: "The other day I was actually having a moment of reflection on my filler journey and I realise I haven't had filler now in coming up to five years, well over four years."

She continued: "I haven't had any filler put into my face which if you remember my filler debacle, my filler scandal it's quite, not an achievement but it's quite a journey to reflect on really. It's been so long."

Molly-Mae then discussed her newfound love for a skincare product that helps achieve a similar effect to fillers, saying: "I've fallen in love with a new skincare product recently and I truly feel like it's down to products like these that have helped me on this journey and steered me away from injectables."

She demonstrated how she uses a hyaluronic acid product to plump her skin, amidst past criticisms for promoting beauty treatments at a young age, reports the Mirror.

The 25 year old reality TV starlet has taken to social media lately, promoting a cosmetics brand extensively. She is rumoured to play a part in an advert for a selection of their hyaluronic acid products, belonging to the Revitalift range, labelled as "anti-ageing skin care".

Molly came under fire previously for having filler
WARNING TAKEN FROM INSTAGRAM Molly-Mae Hague shares major update on filler use in candid confession -Credit:No credit

The assortment comprises an "anti-wrinkle serum," eulogised to "intensely hydrate" the complexion as well as "replump lines and wrinkles,". Another noteworthy item is an "eye serum,", purported to "visibly brighten dark circles and replump eye lines".

The Love Island alumna receiving a backlash over her involvement with the promotional activities of these particular items has come to light. A segment of her fanbase expressed concerns that she isn't the apt spokesperson for such products, regarding her age.

An advertisement released by Boots for this cosmetic line, starring the ever-provocative Molly-Mae, highlighted quite a few critique-laden comments directed at the influencer. One person had posted: "Molly Mae is only 24. She doesn't need any plumping! ".

Another added fuel to the fire saying: "Come on L'Oreal/Boots please use age appropriate models! " A third commenter chimed in stating: "She's 24 and wrinkle free! ".

This controversy tweaks its nose following Molly-Mae's recent jaunt to the Cannes Film Festival, apparently an all-expenses-paid trip sponsored by L'Oreal Paris. Snapshots from her French escapade were shared on Instagram, where the caption credited the cosmetics giant.

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