Molly Mae Hagues’s dad speaks about star’s ‘unfair’ strawberry birthmark in her new book

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 (Molly Mae Hague / Penguin Random House )
(Molly Mae Hague / Penguin Random House )

Molly-Mae Hague’s dad has spoken out about the “unfair” strawberry birthmark his daughter had on her face when growing up.

The 23-year-old former Love Islander, who is now the creative director of Pretty Little Thing, has published a candid book that details parts of her childhood.

In one section, Hague’s father Stephen explained people would make rude remarks about the strawberry birthmark she had on her forehead.

“As dad to two daughters, I felt it was unfair for a girl to have the birthmark in such a prominent location,” Hague’s dad explained.

“I used to get into verbal fights with people who said rude things about it when they saw it and only because I was a copper did I stop myself “chinning” a few.”

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury have been together since Love Island (Molly-Mae Hague)
Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury have been together since Love Island (Molly-Mae Hague)

He added: “Her birthmark gave her an adorable quality. A lot of people stood up for her and protected her from cruel remarks.”

Although Hague wasn’t necessarily insecure about the birthmark, her parents eventually encouraged her to have the it removed so that she wouldn’t get bullied in school.

The former reality star explained in her new book that it’s now just a faint scar on her forehead.

Hague’s tell-all book Becoming Molly Mae was released on Thursday.

The book also features an array of throwback photographs and her story of ascent to reality fame.

Molly Mae has released her first book (Molly Mae Hague / Penguin Random House)
Molly Mae has released her first book (Molly Mae Hague / Penguin Random House)

Reflecting on her latest project, Hague explained: “The main thing I wanted to achieve is to let people get to know ‘Molly-Mae offline’ – the young girl who grew up in Hitchin, Hertfordshire – and how my story has really unfolded.

“Yes, people might see me on social media or read about me in the press, but there is still a lot that they don’t see, and they don’t know how I have felt about it all along the way. This is the first time I have ever shared all that.”

It’s also not the first time Hague has discussed the strawberry birthmark that she was born with.

In 2021, Hague shared a picture of the mark and added that she didn’t realise how “shocking” it looked.

“I actually was born with a very very large strawberry birthmark. Essentially it looked like this [beauty blender]. It was bright red, it was super large, it stuck out of my head quite far. It’s quite shocking, I didn’t realise,” Hague said.

By the time she was entering high school, Hague had decided to undergo a procedure to have the birthmark removed.

“I just wasn’t confident about it and as I got older, the colour kind of faded but birthmarks are cool,” she said.

“Own them, rock them. The only reason I got mine removed was because it was so in a prominent area right on my head.”

Over the last few years, Hague has enjoyed huge success in her working life after appearing on ITV’s Love Island where she met her boyfriend Tommy Fury.

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