Model and mom Molly Sims swears by skincare, 3-minute showers and learning to say 'no'

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Molly Sims on her new podcast and finding time for self-care. (Photo: Getty; designed by Quinn Lemmers)
Molly Sims on her new podcast and finding time for self-care. (Photo: Getty; designed by Quinn Lemmers)

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Model/entrepreneur/mother of three young kids Molly Sims was working on her memoir when a podcast seed was planted. Self-deprecating and candid, Sims and best friend Emese Gormley are now co-hosting Lipstick on the Rim to share advice and show the many layers of the Sports Illustrated cover girl who once modeled a bikini worth $30 million. No topic is off-limits.

“I love connecting people. I have a strong group of friends and a strong network — whether it be my OB or my endocrinologist, or a plastic surgeon or a dietician who lost weight and now helps [other] women,” Sims says, chatting to Yahoo Life the morning after the Oscars, joking about her glamorous life with her husband, Netflix executive Scott Stuber. “I think people will be surprised at how open and honest I am [on the podcast].”

Here, Sims opens about her new project, squeezing in time for self-care and learning to say "no." 

Lipstick on the Rim was originally conceived as a book — why a podcast and why now?

I’ve always been transparent but unless you know me, it’s hard to tell. I started down the road of writing a book — and maybe I will [finish it] later on — but it went deep into my life and my journey, my memoir. Out of starting that came this podcast and I’m really excited about it.

You cover a lot of beauty topics on the podcast. As a busy mom and a beauty junkie — how do you reconcile the two? And what’s your beauty obsession?

Skincare! I love makeup, and there are certain products I can’t live without, but I love skincare — probably because I’ve have always had problems with my skin. In my early 20s I had cystic acne and once I cured that, I wound up having hyperpigmentation and melasma (and I’m still dealing with that on a daily basis). Whether it be an exfoliating toner or a cleansing balm or the best foaming wash, I truly love talking about vitamin C and your AHA and PHA balance — I love it.

What are you must-haves in terms of skincare?

I love Overnight Facial from Sarah Chapman at night, and during the day I like C and E Ferulic from SkinCeuticals. I treat my skin day and night [laughs].

Sims dishes about beauty and other hot topics on her new podcast, Lipstick on the Rim. (Photo: Cassidy Cooper)
Sims dishes about beauty and other hot topics on her new podcast, Lipstick on the Rim. (Photo: Cassidy Cooper)

Sounds like you’ve got it down to a science — you must be a multitasking pro.

I take 3-minute showers [laughs]; it was 12 minutes when I didn't have children. I do everything really quickly, I multitask a lot. I’ll make coffee and get my kids ready for a school with a sheet mask on. I’ll put conditioner in my hair and wear it for two days and no one knows. If I’m on a Zoom call, I dress from the bottom up.

Efficient! On the other hand, how do you chill out after a long day and take a minute for yourself?

I do think self-care is important. It’s going to sound superficial, but getting my nails done once a month makes me feel better. Getting my hair colored or a [taking] walk outside — those little things make me feel better. Recently, I had back problems and I had to stop exercising; I [struggled without it]. So I do think that taking those small moments is really important. I also learned that “no” is a complete sentence — and I’m a people pleaser.

Good advice! Are you worried about backlash as far as the podcast is concerned? You’re VERY open and honest — quite unexpected for a model.

People don’t know your journey. I think about it like this: Would you come into someone’s home and criticize it? That’s what social media’s like. I’m all for comments, but I’m also not here for a takedown. Am I worried? Not really — I’m going to mess up. Of course I am, I’m human! I’ll say something that offends someone — but I’ll also say something that helps another. I’m not going to focus on negative comments; I’ve been criticized for so long…

It actually makes sense that a person who’s been scrutinized professionally has such thick skin. What other job does that besides modeling?

Maybe being a ballerina… there’s not a lot. If I could get through modeling in my 20s, I can get through this.

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

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