Mom’s breast milk freezer storage is a game-changer for nursing mamas: ‘This is incredible’

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This TikTok mom has the ultimate breast milk storage system, which helps parents save space in the freezer!

In her video, new mom and TikToker Cassondra Rolland (@glitzygoat12) first advises new parents to “freeze [breast milk] flat.”

Cassondra does this by laying a small baggie of breast milk on top of a flat item like a box in the freezer. According to the TikToker, freezing the milk flat saves space and also allows the milk to thaw faster when needed.

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Next, Cassondra recommends using a 12-pack box of soda or seltzer to store the breast milk packs upright once they are frozen. Once there are enough milk packs, Cassondra recommends putting them in a labeled plastic bag! This helps to keep the packs organized.

Cassondra’s bags fit eleven 5-oz breast milk bags. The efficiently packed plastic bags “stack up great in a stand up or a deep freeze freezer,” according to Cassondra.

This system works because if parents need to leave breast milk with a babysitter, grandparent, or day care worker, the bags take up less space and are super easy to individually thaw!

Cassondra’s freezer was filled with hundreds of bags that will surely last her a while! She ended the tutorial by reminding everyone that this system also makes it easy to “keep track of how much [breast milk] you have.”

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TikTok viewers absolutely loved this hack! One TikToker commented, “Go mama! No better feeling than opening up the freezer to see this!”

Another viewer wrote, “That’s exactly what I did. Freeze flat and store standing up with a mini basket. Saved up so much space and was able to make a lot.”

Some viewers were surprised and impressed by how much breast milk Cassondra was able to produce.

One TikToker commented, “Have you looked into donating some for mothers who can’t produce enough of their own?” Cassondra responded that she plans on giving a lot of her breast milk to her expecting sister and is also interested in donating!

There are many hurdles to breastfeeding, and not all moms are able to produce enough breast milk to fill up an entire freezer! This is normal. The Mayo Clinic recommends holding off on a pacifier, breastfeeding often, and avoiding alcohol and nicotine to boost milk production. If you are unable to breastfeed your child, there are plenty of other options including using donated breast milk.

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