Mom demonstrates how to use pee-filled diapers for self-defense

Some homes have elaborate security systems for protection — but this mom came up with a unique kind of home defense of her own.

TikTok mom @allexoxo isn’t afraid of intruders breaking and entering. She had the perfect antidote that would send them running: pee diapers. These great balls of wee are heavy and prone to destroy any target when launched in the air.

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“If an intruder ever chose my house to come to — he better think again. He better think again,” she said.

She grabbed a certified pre-owned pee diaper and started to toss it in her hand. Then she threw one at the wall, making the loudest sound.

“I am fully loaded with a couple of these bad boys every night. You hear that thump?” she joked. “Don’t mess with me. Out!”

The mom added in the text caption, “Those morning pee diapers weigh 10 pounds each, I swear, just imagine.”

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Parents in the comment section definitely didn’t mind the mother’s idea.

“My husband always says we should put them in the freezer for home invaders,” someone joked.

“As a mom of two under 2… I approve this message,” a person wrote.

“My mom threw one at my bio father, and it exploded on his head. Best story my mom ever told me,” a user commented.

“I’m not the only one who plays dirty diaper dodge ball?” a TikToker added.

“Wow, now I have an excuse of why I’m not throwing it in the diaper trash container in the middle of the night,” another replied.

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