Mom shares what it was like to give birth one month apart from her best friend

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These TikTokers and best friends shared what it was like giving birth a month apart and raising their kids together and it’s #bestfriendgoals!

Carly Zeringue and Shannon Weiskopf are best friends and TikTokers who gave birth just one month apart. Carly (@carlyzeringue) recently shared a video showing what it has been like raising her baby alongside her best friend and their experience is truly inspiring!

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The video begins with a shot of Carly and Shannon when they were pregnant. The song “What Dreams Are Made Of” plays as the two moms-to-be raise a glass to toast to their future kids. The two future moms smile in excitement about what is to come.

Then, the next shot shows their two adorable newborn babies lying side by side on a couch, their arms linked together. The sleeping babies lie on pink floral blankets and wear pink and blue hats. One hat says “Double” while the other says “Trouble.”

Next, Carly shows the kids, now one-year-old toddlers riding a toy RV together. As the kids slowly coast along the driveway, a caption reads, “One year later and we are having the time of our lives.”

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The next shot shows Shannon holding her toddler in her arms and joyfully spinning in circles. Carly’s toddler stands nearby surrounded by colorful toys and an adorable puppy.

Next, the toddlers enjoy snack time together in matching high chairs. The toddlers grin as they pick at a pile of strawberries, blueberries, and orange slices.

The adorable video ends with a shot of the two toddlers playing together on the front porch of one of the moms’ homes. A caption reads, “10/10 recommend.”

Carly’s adorable video racked up millions of views and had TikTokers tagging their best friends and making plans to raise their children alongside one another!

One TikToker tagged their best friend and wrote, “We better have a kid at the same time!”

While another, who also tagged a friend, commented, “This better be us!”

“Literally what dreams are made of,” commented another viewer.

Carly and Shannon certainly seem to be having a ton of fun raising their kids together. And the toddlers also seem to be having a great time!

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