Mom shares how hard it is trying to be the ‘fun, active mom’

This TikTok mom shared a hilariously relatable video showing how hard it is to try to be the “fun active mom.”

Carly Zeringue (@carlyzeringue) is a parent and TikToker who makes funny and relatable parenting videos. Carly particularly enjoys making comedic videos about how tough being a parent during the toddler stage can be. In a recent video, Carly shared what it’s like trying to be the “fun active mom” and it had TikTokers cracking up!

The video begins with Carly lying on her back, lifting her toddler son in the air with her feet. She holds her son’s arms to keep him steady as she rocks him back and forth. Carly grins up at her son, and for a moment, appears to be having the time of her life playing with the toddler. “POV: You want to be the fun active mom,” she writes in the caption.

As Carly plays with her son, she mouths the words from an iconic scene from The Office, in which Kevin practices CPR on a CPR dummy. “I can’t keep doing this forever,” she mouths, as she lifts her son up in the air and lowers him back down.

Then, the video cuts to a shot of Carly’s son from her point of view. The toddler is smiling and laughing, and is clearly having a great time with his mom. “It’s been 20 seconds,” a woman replies in the audio clip.

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The video cuts to a shot that shows Carly and her son together. Carly is revealed to be lying in an inflatable bouncy castle. For a moment, Carly continues playing with her son, using her feet to lift and lower him. Then, suddenly, she drops him onto the bouncy castle.

Carly turns to the camera and mouths, “Call it.” The video ends with Carly staring into the camera, looking exhausted.

Viewers applauded the relatable video.

“I have never related to a TikTok more. Huge Office fan, too!” one viewer wrote.

“Me when my toddler decides that she will not be walking today, and that it’s my job to do the walking for both of us,” another parent quipped.

“It’s embarrassing how many times I’ve watched this and laughed to myself every time,” commented another TikToker.

Being the mom of a toddler is certainly challenging, but having a good sense of humor certainly seems to be help!

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